Essential gear You Need for Snorkelling


You wouldn’t believe that a good and comfortable snorkel gear can make your time underwater more enjoyable.

Here is your essential snorkel gear and how you would get a perfect fit for your face, feet and mouth.

Mask and snorkel

Mask is what you would wear on the face allowing you to view the underwater world.

Snorkel is a tube which allows you breathe while in the water.

Conventional mask comes in 2 pieces. A mask itself and the snorkel tube which is the mouthpiece that you have to hold while snorkelling.

A full face snorkel mask is a new innovative snorkel mask that combines a mask and snorkel tube in one unit. AquaMask is one of the best full face snorkel mask available in the market.

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Fin is what you would wear on your feet which will allow you to easily move through the water faster than what you would without them. They are a shoe-like foot pocket or a half foot pocket with heel strap.

Highly recommended items while snorkelling


Although it’s not an essential snorkel gear, a waterproof camera sometimes called GoPro is what you would want to have to record your snorkelling experience. A new innovative snorkel mask can be attached with a GoPro to allow you to always keep your best snorkelling experience.

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While enjoying snorkelling, you need to also make sure your skin doesn’t get damaged. Water resistance sunscreen can help protecting your skin. It is recommended to apply 20 minutes before sun exposure then reapply frequently.


Wetsuit is considered essential when you are snorkelling in cold water. Wetsuit isn’t meant to keep you dry but will keep you safe and warm. Wetsuit comes in different types and thickness for different weather conditions. Getting the right size and type is very essential to always keep your body warm while snorkelling.