First Time Snorkelling Essential Tips for Beginners


First time snorkelling could be miserable, scary and dangerous if you are facing below situations.

  1. Leaking snorkel mask
  2. Water flooding your snorkel tube
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Injury

Study the ocean condition is very important for beginners. Ocean flow and wave could take you to as far as you could think it could. Understanding how the ocean moves is essential for your safety.

Practice with your snorkel gear first and find one that best fit to avoid leaking snorkel mask and a better snorkelling experience. A full face snorkel mask is highly recommended for beginners. Its innovation will allow more comfort as the full face mask and its technology will keep your face dry. The dry top technology will close off  the tube to stop seawater from entering the mask while diving so you will not experience water flooded your snorkel tube.

Snorkelling for the first time could be exhausted. A trick is to swim slowly at the speed that would allow you to breathe easily through the snorkel. Keeping yourself relax and calm so your body won’t demand heavily breathing and so you won’t feel so exhausted. Fin will also help to save tons of energy while you are snorkelling.

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